As the kitchen division for Mobile Lumber, we’ve had long standing relationships with local builders and remodelers, going back fifteen years. With that in mind, we created a showroom that beautifully displays our product lines and engages not only our clients, but YOURS as well!

Our showroom was designed with the understanding that today’s buyers are more sophisticated and require more than displays to earn their business. We have created an atmosphere that is beautiful and appealing, and also allows your company an avenue to express your expertise. It is a place where today’s buyer can do their homework and get an education on cabinetry and appliances for the home.

As a remodeling contractor, we welcome you to use our showroom as YOUR showroom. We invite you to bring your clients in to show them their options and educate them on the decision-making, designing, and buying process. We can custom design a program that allows you the opportunity to use our facility as an extension of your business without the added overhead. As a Certified Remodeler, you’ll have access to the showroom for public and private meetings and functions.

For our Certified Remodeler Business Partners, we provide:

-Designers available to work with your client on your behalf.

-24/7 access to the Coast Design showroom, conference room, resource center, details room and live kitchen via an electronic entry key.

-Our Resource Center, located in the center of our showroom, is equipped with a computer center complete with large flat screen TV monitor, WIFI, and laptop plug ins. It showcases samples of over 270 of the most popular door style color combinations, as well as samples of countertop, material, tile backsplashes, and a wide range of appliance lines and products. 

-Our Detail Room houses six different base cabinets built into a single display with a “touch and feel” approach. We find that this aids us (and you) in educating clients on their cabinet options, and gives them an understanding of the “good, better, best” construction options.

The live kitchen and lounge area creates an opportunity for you to host public and private functions. Our showroom is the perfect location for professional industry meetings, training seminars, prayer breakfasts, and after-hours events.

And it’s all yours!

Contact Manager David Casey (251-661-8000) to discuss how YOU can become a Certified Remodeler.

Our Showroom

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